Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My interview: “Amy Winehouse’s death”

I would like to talk about my interview about Amy  Winehouse’s death. The interview was given on 19th October 2010 . The interviewee  was Mrs Federica Fogliani.  This was an interesting topic to talk about, because it was a striking, effective and shocking piece of news. I would be pleased to write down all the questions I asked her .

·      J (The journalist) : “What is the subject do you remember?”
·      F( The interviewee):  “A mysterious event . Amy Winehouse died a month ago in London. She was an important rockstar and lived in an irregular way. She was a drug -addict and an alcoholic. During a concert she fainted in front of million people, because she was drunk .”

·      J( The journalist):” Why did you choose it?”
·      F(The interviewee):” One week ago I was watching a program on TV called “ A mystery” where some critics say that Amy probably was not drunk and drug addict , so this is a strange and mysterious death.”

·      J( The journalist): “ What do you think about the mysterious death of this famous person?”
·      F( The interviewee): “It is something strange, because doctors say that Amy’s death was natural and many teenagers followed her, because she was regarded as a “Myth”.”

·      J( The journalist): “What do people think about it?”
·      F( The interviewee): “People are divided into two parts: Some people condemned her death and they attribute it to her irregular lifestyle, but others prefer to believe that she was a divinity, like a “Goddess”.”

·      J(  The journalist): “Do you think that it is right to talk about this mysterious death?”
·      F( The interviewee) :” It could be considered as a mysterious death, because she knew bad people.”

·      J( The journalist): “ Why do you think this famous person died so young?”
·      F( The interviewee): “In spite of her age, because Amy was just 27, she was not a young person, because maybe she felt old inside herself, in her inner world and she grew up quickly.

·      J(The journalist): “ Did she suffer from any illness?”
·      F(The interviewee): “She was a problematic person, because she suffered from anorexia and she spent a lot of time in a hospital in order to improve her health and during this important experience she wrote the song “REHAB”.”

·      J( The journalist): “Do you think that Amy’s carrier had influenced her death?”
·      F(The interviewee):”I think that her carrier influenced her life heavily, because  Amy was obliged to accept some compromises such as working restlessly; surely this life is very hard to cope with.”

·      J( The journalist):”Why, in your opinion, do famous people, who have everything in their lives decide to commit suicide?”
·      F(The interviewee):”Many times people choose to die, because they are stressed and they need to find peace staying away from cameras. Famous people search for a quiet lifestyle, because they are under pressure.”

·      J(The journalist): “Where did you hear this piece of news?”
·      F( The interviewee): “ On TV, while I was at home watching “Italia 1 channel”.”

·      J( The journalist): “Do you have anything to add?”
·      F(The interviewee):”Yes, I think that Amy’s death is not an isolated case, because there are many famous people who died in these strange circumstances, so their lifestyle is a little bit chaotic and confused.

This theme of mysterious deaths of famous people, such as singers and actors, is a hot topic to talk about. Usually, famous people go through a life out of any rules, so they tend not to take care of their health, especially because rock-stars and actors think only about money, success, but many times they forget themselves and, as a result, they fall and they go from rags to riches. Everyone who decided to go under the spotlights has the awareness of being under pressure and the choice of committing suicide so young depends on one’s weakness. Famous people such as Amy Winehouse spoiled her body by reducing food, so she did not feed herself well. Secondly, Amy Winehouse used a great number of anti-depressants in addition to a set of different drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Finally, Amy Winehouse  was a big alcoholic; once while she was on stage she fainted. However, the topic of “mysterious deaths” of famous people still remains a real issue to discuss about, because some people argue that it is likely there is a conspiracy behind these deaths, but although the debate is still active, no one could ever bring these famous dead people to life again. Nevertheless only their memories are still alive.
Jessica Previti

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