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Interview About Italy's Victory in the 2006 World Cup

Last week, during our English lesson, at University, we had to interview each other on a particular event that we experienced personally. I interviewed Cristina La Rosa , a 25-year-old student like me. We spoke about  Italy’s victory in the 2006 World Cup.

The FIFA Football World Cup was held in Germany from the 9th June  to the  9th July 2006. It was attended by 32 national football selections from all continents. During this World Cup,  Italy, led by the clever coach Marcello Lippi, was a great protagonist. After having successfully passed the group stage, beating Australia and Ukraine,  Italy, at the end, found France again.

The World Cup was won by Italy, which played the final in Berlin's Olympic Stadium defeated France 5-3 on penalties, 6-4 after extra time. But Italy-France is also deja-vu, perpetually hung on a challenge to fate, if not resolved from the penalty disc.

For the “Azzurri”, it was the fourth world title in history. Italy won the 4th  world title after 24 years from 3rd one  (1982) that was achieved at the final on penalties, as well as Brazil won his 4th  world title (1994) on penalties, after 24 years from 3rd  title (1970). Starting from the 1970, Italy has reached the final every 12 years, alternating defeats and victories. Germany, the host Nation, was in the final for 3rd place in the Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion in Stuttgart  and won against Portugal 3-1.     

According to the sports criticism  Italy's victory was achieved by Lippi’s very compact and well-organized teamwork, exceptional physical strength and, as in the best Italian tradition, a solid defense . Another decisive factor for the final triumph was the ability of the whole team, as confirmed by the fact that the twelve goals were scored in the tournament by ten different players.

Denaro : When was the last World Cup won by Italy?
La Rosa : It was a very happy day for me. I can remember as if it happened yesterday: it was the 9th July.

D. What was your first reaction when you heard about the victory?
L.  I screamed with happiness because I couldn’t believe that my Nation, Italy, was the Champion of the World. It was so exciting!

D. Who was your favorite football player?
L. I think that all the Italian players were very efficient … but I preferred Fabio Grosso because he did  something more than the other players. I mean he gave himself all to the matches.

D. How did you celebrate this important victory?
L. I went out with all my friends and we went around  the town  with Italian flags and we went  to drink  until we got drunk.

D. Do you think that the victory was due to players’ ability or just a stroke of luck?
L. I think it was both. I mean football players were proficient but in my opinion it’s better to get a break too.

D. Which was your favorite match? And why?
L. My favorite match was that one played against Germany  in which Italians won even if Germany started with an advantage because they were in a German city, that if I remember well was Stuttgart, but I’m not sure. In my opinion, it was a double victory for Italy.

D. Were you alone when Italy won?
L. No, I was watching the match with some friends at home. It was so exciting for everybody.

D. Do you think that Italy deserved the victory?
L. Yes, I think so, Italy deserved most of the victories even though the match against the USA was played very badly.

D. If Italy hadn’t won which team do you think deserved the title of World Champion?
L.  There were many teams  which had very good players, but maybe Portugal could be a substitute of Italy.

D. Do you think that anything has changed?
L. Yes, unfortunately yes. The players are not so motivated as they were five years ago, now they are older and the new players are not as good as the eldest ones.

D. Do you have anything to add?
L. Ehm. Yes I do. I think it would be fantastic if Italy won again the World Cup but  I know that is more or less impossible  because there are countries like Spain that are so good and furthermore there are many emerging teams, but Italians mustn’t lose the motivation to do always better!

D. Thank you Cristina for your time.
L. It was nice.. Thank you so much. Bye

In 24 years since 1982, the success of Italy  in World Cup crossed the borders of the Alps and went back to Italy. Italy won the World Cup for the fourth time, returning the favor to Germany, who won the World Cup in 1990 in the house of the Italians. Even if the final between Italy against France was not an easy match, the “Azzurri” tried to get the best out of them in any situation: in fact when the game got nervous early, several yellow cards in the first twenty minutes of play, Italy found the calm. And when French players started again to  press the Italian game, Italy with wonderful mental teamwork and physical efforts went on and they reached their goal: Becoming Champions of The World Cup in 2006.

Being Italian, like Cristina , I was so excited about this subject , in fact, during this interview I could live once more  the same emotions of that day that has stuck in my mind.
Gabriella Denaro

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