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On June 25, 2011, two years after Michael Jackson’s death, the Teatro Palapartenope in Naples hosted “The International Tribute 2011: in loving and in memory of the King of pop”. I, Biagio Brunetta, went there to see what was going on and interviewed Rosario L., one of the thousands of fan who gathered to commemorate the famous entertainer and enigmatic pop icon.

Biagio Brunetta: Do you remember where Michael Jackson died?
Rosario L.: (smiles) Well, actually, I don’t. I’d say it was in New York, but I’m not sure.

B.B.: How did he die?
R.L.: We know he was sick and took lots of medicines, even when he didn’t need to, because he had troubles with himself. I don’t remember if it was because of a heart failure, but I remember his family accused the doctors of his death. After their inquiry, though, the police stated that it was not true.

B.B.: What happened just after his death?
R.L.: His music became even more popular than it already was, his albums were sold like hot cakes. It was also made a movie, “This is it”, about his life and works. He became famous not only for his music, but also for his special moves on stage, just think of the famous “Moonwalk”, for example.

B.B.: How did the media react?
R.L.: The media filmed everything without a break and for a month or more there was a full coverage about M.J.’s life and works, and that also happened here, in Italy. Programmes like “Pomeriggio 5” and “La vita in diretta” talked a lot about him. Last week I found out the entire funeral was broadcast on TV, even his daughter’s speech at the funeral.

B.B.: Has his consideration by people and artists changed after his death?
R.L.: No, I don’t think so.

B.B.: Is he still commemorated or somehow remembered?
R.L.: Of course he is, and not only here, today. I think he will always be remembered by people and stars as a great artist, a real artist, not considering the allegations about child abuse.

B.B.: Has someone taken his role or overshadowed him?
R.L.: No, nobody hasn’t or ever will. He was unique.

B.B.: Do you consider yourself a fan of M. J.?
R.L.: I do, but I’ve got no posters of him hanging in my room. I see him as an artist rather than an idol, I just love his music.

B.B.: What were you doing the day M.J. died? Do you remember?
R.L.: Oh, yes. I remember I turned on the TV once I heard about the news and followed the story all night long.

B.B.: Some say M.J. could not be dead at all: what is your opinion about it?
R.L.: I think he died. Some say he didn’t, but it’s because they loved him and don’t want to accept the fact the he passed away. I think he’s dead, definitely.

B.B.: Do you have anything to add?
R.L.: No, the show is about to start and it would be better for me to go now. It was a pleasure, goodbye!
Michael Jackson’s death was a tragic and unexpected one. It triggered grief all over the world and made the sale of his music dramatically rise. Apart from all the scandals and mysteries surrounding his life, he certainly was a great artist, perhaps the most popular black singer ever and his memory will never fade.

As Jackson said during an interview in 2007, "Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it, my music, I know I will live forever”.
Thank you Michael, we will never forget you.
Biagio Brunetta

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