Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The “Espresso” Death

A terrible suicide happened in the historic Platti café of Turin, where a woman aged 66, committed suicide by shooting herself with a gun, after having closed herself in the bathroom. The interviewee is a witness who was near the scene of the event.

When did the dramatic event happen?
It took place on a Sunday morning, in a famous venue founded in 1875.

Who was the woman who shot herself?
For a question of privacy, we don’t know her name, but we know that the woman was born in Paris, and lived in Turin, according to preliminary reports from the police, who intervened at the place. She closed herself in the bathroom of the bar and killed herself.

Why did nobody hear the shot in the café?  
Apparently nobody heard the shoot, because the place was very crowded, but even if they realized the situation they continued drinking and, above all, they  didn’t do anything.

Who discovered the body?
The owner of the café, after she went to the bathroom to see what happened, after hearing something noisy.

Had she got a family or was she alone?
She was alone. She went there every Sunday morning; she smoked a cigarette; she drank a coffee, and then she went away.

Did she try to kill herself before that?
We don’t know if she tried to kill herself before that, but what it is sure is that she had some problems in her life.

Do you think it is possible that someone heard the shoot and didn’t do anything?
It is very shocking that someone heard the shoot and did not do anything, even if they understood that a woman had killed herself.

What do you think about this “strange” death?
It is sad but it happens that some people decide to commit suicide. Maybe she tried to be noticed by other people.

Do you think she killed herself or was she killed?
She went there every Sunday morning, alone; maybe for this reason she decided to kill herself in that café, perhaps she considered it like her second home. So I think that she killed herself, because something  terrible happened in her mind.

Do you have anything to add?
Few days ago I thought  what would I have done?  And I think I would have closed the café, at least just as a sign of respect due to the unhappy woman, but it wasn’t what the owner of the bar did, because she thought, above all, of her job. 

Thinking on this interview, we can say that it is what happens almost every day, the indifference of people, facing a particular situation, in this case a suicide, but this happens even in other contexts, like thefts etc. Now we have to think if this great indifference will change in time, because a very important thing, on which we have to work hard, is the collaboration between people.
Rosario Lisciandro

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