Monday, October 17, 2016

Review of the film "Rush" by Aurora Bonfiglio

Rush is an amazingly impressive and accurate film about the story of the F1 racers Niki Lauda and James Hunt. The story starts long before the tragic accident occurred to Lauda. Indeed, the focus is not on that, but on the competitiveness and the rare esteem between the two racers.
Firstly, this film is not only for F1 aficionados; everyone can find it interesting and engaging. In fact, there is a masterly combination of sports and introspection of the characters. The spectators can understand the feeling, halfway between bravery and recklessness, which pushes them to race.
Then, the whole film is incredibly accurate. The races scenes, especially the ones in bad weather conditions, are perfectly realistic. Of course, the actors were cast with the same accuracy. Indeed, they look a lot like the real protagonists of the events. Plus, some dialogues are in the native language of the racers and also their accents and parlances were precisely reproduced. Obviously, the recreation of Niki Lauda's accident and injuries is flawless too. 
Probably, the only relevant flaw is that the director excessively stressed the rivalry between the pilots. Indeed, he only let emerge the real amity between the two, at the end of the film. They were rivals, but they also respected each other. They were more similar than it seems; they supported and pushed each other, while competing.  
The most important message of this film is that two people can be rivals, but still respect each other. And, unfortunately, that is quite uncommon in sports. Nevertheless, there is still another important teaching: rivalry can lead people to do reckless things, but it also gives them a purpose.

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