Monday, October 17, 2016

"300: Rise of an Empire," film review by Gianluca Cirino

I want to talk about "300: Rise of an Empire" a 2014 American epic and drammatic war film, directed by Noam Murro. It's the sequel of 300. It's based on Artemisium and Salamis battles. At the beginning of the movie, Gorgo of Sparta tells her men about the battle of Marathon, in which Darius, the king of Persia, was killed by Themistocles an Athenian general. Darius' son, Xerxes, swore, influenced by Artemisia, his naval commander, swore to destroy Greece and the Greeks. He went through the desert where he found a cave and plunged into an otherworld liquid emerging as a God-king. So, he declared war on the Greeks and sent his forces towards Thermopylae against Leonida, king of Sparta. Themistocles tried to put together the Greek forces to defeat the Persian army, but Gorgo didn't want to send her forces. So, the battle of Artemisium started; Themistocles' army defeated many Persian men and destroyed  their ships. Impressed with Themistocles' skills, Artemisia brought him onto her ship where she had sex with him, to convince the general to join her, but he refused. A fire war started in the sea and both Greek and Persian ships were destroyed. At the same time, in the Thermopylae, Leonidas and his 300 men were killed by Xerxes, who wanted to burn Athens. So Artemisia sent her entire navy to fight the battle of Salamis. Themistocles and Artemisia started fighting, during the battle Gorgo arrived with ships from many Greek cities against the Persians. Themistocles killed Artemisia and the whole Greek army destroyed the Persian one. This is a great educational movie. In my opinion watching this film you can learn in a modern way the ancient Greek story. There are many of this kind of movies, watching them could be a good way to spend your free time smartly and you have the impression to fight with the warriors. This is a really attractive and impressive film.

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