Thursday, October 1, 2020

One last thing before I close this site

To all my past students:
to the literacy class I taught in juvenile prison at 16, to Mr. Beckman's 6th grade class I taught in when I was 17, to all the student teaching experiences I had at the four universities I attended, especially IMARC in Hermosillo, Mexico and the experimental year-round school in Lathrop CA, to the students I encountered in Dendera and Nyadiri, Zimbabwe, and the American University in Cairo, Egypt, to the Vietnamese refugees I taught English to in Richmond, CA and to classes in Stockton (inc. SJ Delta College), Campbell, Santa Clara, Cupertino, San Jose and Sunnyvale, CA, AND to all the students I have had the honor to teach in 40 years at the Università degli Studi di Messina.

I thank you all for letting me accompany you along your path to English learning. You have made me think and laugh, and you have made me proud of you. I still love teaching and still find ways to make it new. However, my time is up. So, I will tiptoe out the door.

But not without first virtually shaking all your hands and thanking you for the joy of almost 50 years of teaching. Please stay in touch: on facebook:; twitter: @emartinpedersen; instagram: emartinpedersen; email:; websites: / If you like, follow my writing and music and tell me about yourselves, where you are and what you're doing through the upcoming years. I really want to know.

If you see me in person in Messina or Furnari or Tracy or San Francisco, please say hello. I'll be very happy to see you again outside the classroom. Never stop learning. Always be curious.
Good bye and Good luck,
Martin Pedersen

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