Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Special Announcement for Specialists

Extra lesson: May 9th, 4:30-6 pm, Course conclusion
This year’s experimental, non-frontal, non-vertical, project-based Specialist practice in English was intended to function as a bridge between the academic world and the real post-university world of work, social relations, aesthetic interests. That’s why we did the following (and posted many on our blog: www.weareenglishspecialists.blogspot.it):
  • A complete transcription of the J.K. Rowling commencement speech at Harvard University
  • Europass curriculum vitae in English
  • A series of 8 translations of idiomatic English, done in groups to favor peer-teaching
  • A study of the Danish videos, “Teaching Teaching and Understanding Understanding”
  • An interview with a classmate on a personally-experienced historical event
  • A study of scansion followed by an analytical essay on sound in a chosen poem by Robert Frost
  • Telling an English joke in a natural style
  • Role-playing real linguistic situations
  • A translation of the songs on a favorite recording sent to the singer through their publisher
  • Advanced discussion of the terminology used in literary appreciation
  • Attendance at the 2011 TESOL conference in Rome
  • Collection and explanation of 10 slang terms or phrases
  • A study of regional accents through videos
  • An interview with an American and/or Brit based on our reading of the book, Brit-Think, Amer-Think, on perceived vs. actual cultural differences
  • Writing and reciting a sketch of dialogs in slang-jargon-idioms
  • A film review
  • Translation of a poem by contemporary poet Barbara Ras, then sent to her
  • Debating a topical issue in teams following the standard rules of debating
  • A letter to the editor, then a second written directly to an online newspaper
  • A multi-media presentation on women’s issues
  • Correcting bad translations and correcting old student papers
  • Interview with a working English teacher
  • Teaching a language lesson

We did a lot, maybe too much. If you were unable to complete any of these you may send them to me anytime at martinpedersen1255@gmail.com.
Thank you for participating and good luck for your future,
Mr. Pedersen

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